you can never imagine what I just signed up for

I just signed up for Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 2014 in London
Camilla Stenmark I just signed up for Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 2014 in LondonI’ve been saying that for a while, that I wanted a goal with my training, I was browsing around and I found a few cool races but decided, this is the one…

In November I am flying to London with a friend to run a 10k obstacle race…

I am so freaking excited!
Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 13.15.51
I need to start training hard now, starting tomorrow with thai boxing after work…

Day 5 of fat and fatty things

this was my breakfast this morninglchf brakfast
I had my coffee with cream and butter…

Going all in on the LCHF thing the rest of September, I will come back in the end of the month with a verdict, at the moment I love that everything I’m eating is covered in fat :)

Click here if you want to read more, LCHF for beginners, by

Go karting in Malta

Wednesday night at Badger Karting in Malta
The first two laps I was so scared, I was convinced I would crash*
Basically I didn’t start out being the fastest driver on the track by any means.
After shaking the old woman syndrome off I became friends with the accelerator pedal and loved every second of the speed, dust and flying wheels. The adrenalin was peaking and I decided that I’m gonna get my driving license ASAFP, driving is so much fun!!!
Did I win?
Not in a million years…
But I will be back and I will be faster than ever…
Next time I’m going back I will bring a go pro camera and film it.

I managed to steal (borrow?) a trophy and what does one do when one hold a trophy???
Take a selfie – obviously

*little did I know at that time that a crash would happen and one of us were to fly out of the kart…

Burlesque workshop in Malta

Camilla Stenmark, dancing Burlesque, in Malta?
did that just happen?

I love trying out new things, and if it’s a bit outside my comfort zone it makes it a bit more, how should I put this, interesting…
So when my friend invited me to a Burlesque workshop, Burlesque Express, I just had to say yes.
I absolutely love to dance ( we can refer to my dancing as “rather than good”) but the only experience I have following a choreography, is from my early teens when I played Rizzo in the musical Grease in school. Then on the other hand, the girl who played Sandy was an excellent dancer and the head of the dance, had to minimize the moves to suit absolute beginners and even if we were “following a choreography”, that didn’t involve any complicated movements and on top of that, that was probably 20 years ago.
Then around that time I signed up for one semester of show dance.
The first class was a Saturday morning and I think I spent the rest of the semester trying to fake illnesses and all sorts before the classes so I wouldnt have to go back, I absolutely hated it, mostly since everyone was so good and I was not, I couldn’t comprehend what so ever so quit.
That was my short and failed dance career summed up in a paragraph.

But 20 years later, I found myself in Activezone Gym in Msida, on a Saturday trying to following a choreography… and loved it.
I probably sucked as much as I did when I was younger, but I had so much fun.
Mares, the girl who arranged Burlesque Express, was an absolute doll and every piece of her body was breathing dance, she made me wish I’d just continued with my “dance career”.
I spent 2 hours shaking all my body parts, crawling on the floor (noone told me to bring knee pads) and most and foremost making sure that my limbs were moving in the same directions as the rest of the group’s. (it did remind me somewhat of my Zumba experience, especially the “a raggedy doll with body parts flying in all different directions” part) and believe it or not, after those two hours I learned the choreography to a whole song, and I felt so proud of myself.

Afterwards me and Jenny went for lunch and spend some well deserved hours in their pool
private pool Sweiqi

We ended the night attending Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Show while watching fireworks in Spinola bay
Belly dancing firework spinola bay Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Show



And I think to myself, what a wondeful world

Haven’t done this for a while, it’s been vacation, Prosecco, the heat and other stupid excuses.
But this morning I left my house right after six to be able to walk to the gym before the heat strikes.
And it’s so worth it, the surroundings are so beautiful and I really should get back in the habit of doing this.
Look how gorgeous this island is