24 days out and not allowed to run

Frustration deluxe
Went to the doctor on my lunch break since the foot was getting worse and more swollen.
I was prescribed anti inflammatory pills and a running ban for at least a week.
For the next few days I’m only allowed to swim and should try not to walk more than absolute necessary.
That is exactly what you want to hear 24 days before the race…
It effing sucks but if I’m gonna have any chance to attend this race I will really have to take the time to rest and heal.
I’m gonna do so by feeling sorry for myself with pick n mix candy and a long hot bath.

One is a magic number

Number of Cisk exploding in my bag on the way to Sweden – 1
Number of ankles getting ruined while out running in Sweden – 1
Number of suitcases getting lost and “might it might not be” in Franfurt – 1

It feels like the universe is communicating that 1 is my number…?

With boiling feet in Frankfurt

My shoes are too hot for this airport
Just a few hours ago I was enjoying (?) a cold autumn morning in Sweden and in another few I will be on a tiny island in the Mediterranean.
I had a great time but I can’t wait to come home again, I miss my balcony ;)
And I miss running…
but after hurting my ankle while running in Sweden on Friday I will have to take it easy for a few days, it’s still swollen and I can’t walk on it straight… So darn frustrating:/
27 days until the race and I and limping.
I bought myself a nice whiskey at the airport since I was feeling sorry for myself.
I won’t open it until after the race though, if I do drink before I’ll lose €100 and will have to run 10k in a penguin onesie :p

32 days out with dirty, bruised legs (and butter cravings)

Yesterday I ran 8k and ended with sprinting these stairs x 3
I felt so good (like a frikkking superhero) afterwards that I had to have this picture taken
After today’s crossfit I took a picture of my bruised, sore, dirty legs
If you are bored with my “work out updates” don’t you worry, I got something for you as well;
Here is a picture of a pack of Lurpak that finished itself within less than 2 days.
I bought it Sunday night, this pic was taken Monday night.
This morning it was gone.
I live alone.
I like butter.

Yesterday’s OOTD (or “what I was wearing a Friday night)

Went Thai boxing after work yesterday and got my ass kicked.
It’s my second time and it’s seriously so much fun, it’s disturbingly satisfying to kick and punch really hard.
I borrowed these from my friend, I feel super bad ass in these shorts :)
Basically the whole purpose of this post was to show off the shorts
I’m off to crossfit* now

*adding a note to the swear jar