London in less than 48 hours

Friday I arrived to the hectic, rainy, grey and cold city that I for 3,5 years to called my home.
From a sunny and relaxed little island in the Mediterranean to a city where the pulse is sky high, everyone is dressed in black and constantly rushing towards something.

It was the weekend of survival of the fittest, even though I had to opt out for the race due to the ankle, I felt that I did achieve something when surviving coming to Victoria station where the amount of people outnumbered the whole population on my island and they were all stressed and determined.
I realized quickly that to survive I had to drop my newly found “Mela attitude” and get back into my London-survival-mood I practiced for years.
So I did and I survived…

We stayed with my girls over the weekend and it was a sweet reuinion
The girls and the Rob
The girls and Mr One O seven in the #kitchenbar

London will always have a special place in my hears and even though I cant see myself living there anymore I do appreciate a lot to come and visit it now and again

And the race?
A special post about is coming later…

The day a hurricane came to Malta and Gozo!

We are now in the eye of the Mediterranean cyclone….
Ok guys, gotta boil the kettle… I’m gonna drink tea wrapped up in blankets on the balcony (while I still have one) and watch this live…
Mediterranean cyclone
Borrowed the picture from Malta Weather

I miss putting my running shoes on

About 100% max frustration at the moment.
My race is in 16 days and my ankle is covered in bandages and anti inflammation gel, I have been spending the last two day in bed with the foot elevated and I am still limping.

I miss running and I miss the crossfit*
I miss mornings like this

*money in the swear jar

If we take my ankle out of the equation, lately has been good

Friday ended with karaoke and blood, I may or may not have had a few sips of whiskey
(I signed a contract so no need to get a penguin suit)
And its also very possible that I went up to sing “Mein herr”
Verdict: “Anyone that pulls off this song that well must have been brought up in a brothel”

I may also look possessed and absolute mental in this picture, that is obviously due to my dress and not the whiskey
(I stole the picture from my co worker, hope you are ok with that D)

Saturday I spent as a lost criminal and ended it drinking tea on my balcony with my newly arrived lady friend.
Visited Mdina on Sunday

Since I have chic living at my place for a few days IMG_2406

I had to brag about my beautiful island IMG_2407
and arrange romantic dinners for two on the balcony, filet steak, lit candles and Orange juice in Wine glasses, (I’m that good)
And having porridge with butter for breakfast. (butter coffee as well but that goes without saying)
Friends that eats butter together stays together IMG_2414

And yeah, I found out that my ankle is too fucked in order for me to run the race…
FML big time
I am not even allowed to walk