Lately this happened…

We started lunch swimming, sometimes at lunch time a few of us run away from the office to hang out by the rocks for a nice swim.
I’m very fond of this idea #lunchswimftw
This picture is from the other day
We spend an evening in San Anton Gardens watching “the merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare.
It was fantastically beautiful.
I sat in the garden with a glass of white, surrounded by great people, bats and fire flies and just really loved life.

Before the show we had a dinner at a restaurant near by and that was very far from fantastic.
They managed to destroy every order and we had to beg for cutlery.
When I finally got a fork I had 3 bites of my salad before I gave up. The food was really not good.
We had Hawaii Friday at work and I found a shirt that looks like it was made out of curtains.
Spent last night just Stenmark-ing at Ta’ Cassia Salina Restaurant with my mum and brother.
Their Carpaccio is to die for!

Now I’m hoping to finish this great week off with some homemade apple pie, someone just have to make it….

hello, remember me?

I’ve been back on the little rock now for nearly 2 weeks have not had any inspiration for this little URL of mine, but today I was thinking about the blog and how… well how I do like having this little portal.
I want to write so much, I wanna write about the amazing show and how I found myself jealous of a shoe
There is so much I wanna say but I don’t know where to start…
So as a easy way of coming back after nearly 3 weeks of silence, (which is probably the longest period since i started) here is a quick update in the best form I know,
in pictures…

good bye dinner in Sweden with Rickard IMG_9311

Swimming with my niece and nephew in Malta IMG_9317
Work dinner with a nice red wine