32 days out with dirty, bruised legs (and butter cravings)

Yesterday I ran 8k and ended with sprinting these stairs x 3
I felt so good (like a frikkking superhero) afterwards that I had to have this picture taken
After today’s crossfit I took a picture of my bruised, sore, dirty legs
If you are bored with my “work out updates” don’t you worry, I got something for you as well;
Here is a picture of a pack of Lurpak that finished itself within less than 2 days.
I bought it Sunday night, this pic was taken Monday night.
This morning it was gone.
I live alone.
I like butter.

Yesterday’s OOTD (or “what I was wearing a Friday night)

Went Thai boxing after work yesterday and got my ass kicked.
It’s my second time and it’s seriously so much fun, it’s disturbingly satisfying to kick and punch really hard.
I borrowed these from my friend, I feel super bad ass in these shorts :)
Basically the whole purpose of this post was to show off the shorts
I’m off to crossfit* now

*adding a note to the swear jar

First rule of Crossfit always talk about Crossfit

I watched this about 10 times and I laughed eveytime

2 of my friends more or less started a swear jar, everytime I am mentioning Crossfit I have to put a Euro note into it
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.20.55

young girls and training

Some blog love, a very good post on young girls and training from http://rosstraining.com
If you have a daughter, niece, or know a young girl you should read it!

“I’ve even seen parents who have sons and daughters who bring their boys to practice while the young girls sit on the sidelines and play with electronic devices.”

I’m taking my little niece out for some running and kicking some football asap.

Three little things…

I lived in my flat now roughly a month and a half and I can’t tell you enough (I bet my friends disagrees on this point) how much I love it.
Here are three little things…

My balcony (aka mon ami, mon amour, mon prΓ©cieux)IMG_1665
Every morning (when I am not running out before the sun rise) I’m sitting on my balcony with my coffee watching the sun waking up and posting pics of the view on facebook, IG and/or snap chatting it to my friends…
Every one that knows me can confirm this, I’m obsessed with my balcony.

This leaf I got from my nephew, when you get a leaf from your nephew you are keeping it, that’s the rule.
The leaf is now guarded by a Dalek, I got both my niece and nephew hooked on Doctor Who and now I am getting educated by a four year old;
-Help me find the other Daleks Auntie
-What Daleks are you talking about?
-the Daleks auntie, the ones that are trying to kill the doctor, and the Doctor is defending the earth from the Daleks

-oh, that Dalek…

Love sleeping under a world map.
I’ve lived in so many places, I have had so many homes, now Malta stole my heart and I am pretty confident that I will stay here for a very long time.
But I don’t ever want to stop traveling, exploring, learn new things and meet new people.
Malta is a great base for traveling…

Today’s conversation between my mind and body

Earlier today
My body: I want chocolate, can we have chocolate?
Me: No!
My body: Are you sure? I was thinking we should get some buttons
Me: No! Wait, what!?! buttons?
My body: yeah… Buttons….
Me: No, shut up we don’t wan’t…
My body: Can you feel it?
Me: What? Oh shit, no stop it!
My body: Yep, the entire body is craving it now, every single cell, how is that for you?
Me: Really, is that how you wanna play?
My body: Buttons!!!
Me: You know what? I signed us up for a torture, running, crossfit class, and I will make you work through the whole class.
My body: NO
Me: Oh yes, my mind is stronger than you, you don’t stand a chance
My body: Fuck…
Me: Yep

Just now
Me: I told you we could do it
My body: You do know that we won’t be able to walk tomorrow right
Me: Fuck…
My body: Yep

My body: I want salmon, can we have salmon?
Me: As much as you want…

I won but damn I will suffer tomorrow